Category: Start-ups

Category: Start-ups

  • Consumer guarantees: what, who, how?

    As a business, it’s important you’re aware of and comply with consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law. Below we break down the what, who and how of consumer guarantees. What are consumer guarantees? Consumer guarantees provide consumers with a broad set of rights for the goods and services they buy. They give consumers assurance […]

  • Essentials for a stellar start-up

    When you’re ready to start your business journey, it’s important to get the legals right from the get-go! Here are the essentials to get you started: 1. Structure Choose the right business structure… Whether it’s a company, partnership, trust or sole trader, it’s fundamental to select the most appropriate legal framework for your start-up. Your […]

  • Joint venture vs. partnership

    It can be difficult to differentiate a joint venture and a partnership. What’s more, knowing which structure best suits your business and your objectives can be confusing. Despite their similarities, each has its own unique characteristics, resulting in varying legal rights and obligations. To ensure you use the appropriate vehicle for your circumstances, it’s important […]

  • Future-proof your new venture

    As business lawyers, we often come across small to medium businesses in turmoil. When we first meet a struggling client, we start by asking a series of questions to better understand the problem and delve into the key issues. We quickly learn the client didn’t seek legal advice when first entering their new business venture. […]

  • Online risk management

    Whilst the functionality and aesthetics of online vehicles are important, it’s crucial not to forget the fine print. This means putting mechanisms in place to safeguard your business’ interests and minimise commercial risk in digital interactions. Here’s some food for thought… Does your business have a website? If you ticked yes… Does your business have […]

  • Why you should trade mark

    Did you know that registering a business name, company name or domain name does not in itself give you ownership of the name? That’s where a trade mark comes into play. A trade mark will protect your brand by providing you with exclusive rights and will prevent others from using the same or similar branding. […]

  • Get the most out of your lawyer

    How many lawyer jokes are there? Only three. The rest are true stories. All jokes aside, there are countless horror stories of lawyers being intimidating, rigid and inaccessible. Some see lawyers as a necessary evil, right up there with death and taxes. Others see lawyers as a handbrake on commercial transactions, destroying good business deals. […]

  • Choosing the right lawyer

    The calibre of Australian lawyers is one of the best in the world. The study and training aspiring lawyers are required to complete is rigorous and exhaustive; the courses offered by Australian universities and institutions are second to none; and the ongoing education Australian lawyers must undertake ensures they remain sharp and on point with […]

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