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Category: Data and Technology

Lawthentic Loop

Category: Data and Technology
  • Cyber security risk management essential – Landmark decision in ASIC v RI Advice

    In an Australian first, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) brought proceedings against RI Advice Group Pty Ltd (RI Advice) alleging that the Australian Financial Services licensee failed to implement adequate measures to manage risk in respect of cyber security and cyber resilience. The Federal Court handed down its landmark decision in Australian Securities […]

  • Data Protection and Privacy Laws Throughout APAC

    Cross border data sharing is a necessity in a highly globalised, pandemic-impacted world. But is your organisation aware of how data is protected overseas? Privacy laws provide the regulatory framework for the protection of data, but these are not created equal across jurisdictions, even within the same region. Let’s take a look at some of […]

  • Cyber security, privacy and data protection – implications for directors’ duties you need to know

    Australian company directors are facing an increase in responsibilities as enterprise transitions further into the digital economy. While developments in innovation and technological advances offer businesses lucrative opportunities to scale and thrive, the shift in the digital landscape has imposed additional obligations on company directors, now responsible for managing cyber security and risk and securing […]

  • Intellectual property law, patents & the rise of artificial intelligence

    What is Artificial Intelligence? Think of artificial intelligence (AI) and we might think about terrifying robots that have become self-aware and are set on destroying the human race. We’ve all seen the movies, but it’s not that dramatic. AI is a branch of computer science dedicated to building smart machines and systems that can process […]

  • Privacy and data protection: A statutory tort for invasions of privacy?

    As part of its commitment to supporting the digital economy and protecting consumers, the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) is under review. This process aims to ensure robust privacy and data protection exist and are agile enough to respond to privacy issues emerging in the digital economy. In October 2021, the Privacy Act Review Discussion Paper […]

  • How technology executives can lead from the front in 2022

    “Unprecedented times” has become one of the defining phrases to emerge from the global pandemic. So how can executives in the tech space best position themselves, their teams and their organisations to lean into an uncertain future, and go from strength to strength? Let’s look at some of the key issues that might face company […]

  • What impact can emerging tech trends have on business?

    Whatever happens out in the world, one thing’s for certain – technology never stands still. The global pandemic has only increased our reliance on a range of burgeoning technologies, accelerating the rate of artificial intelligence (AI) and data-driven advances and spurring forward-thinking companies into action. Resilient enterprises are reading the trends, noting their applications and […]

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